Making Switch More User-Friendly and Organized --Mobapad A1 Switch TV Docking Station

We aim to provide Switch players with a simple and effortless wireless charging experience while enhancing the desktop setup. This makes the Switch more user-friendly and organized.


A Convenient and Easy Wireless Charging Experience

When the controller's battery is low, players often scramble to find a charging cable, which disrupts the gaming experience. To address this, we've optimized the controller's charging experience with a convenient wireless charging solution. Now, you can charge your controller just by placing it on the dock, ensuring it's always ready to use.

The Mobapad A1 nintendo switch tv dock uses a contact-based wireless charging structure. By inserting the contact adapter into the Pro controller, you can charge the controller by simply placing it on the dock. The controller will always be fully charged and ready to use. Additionally, the dock supports wireless charging for Switch Pro/Chitu controllers and comes with corresponding contact adapters. The controllers are stable and do not wobble when placed in the nintendo switch dock.


Safe and Reliable Battery Protection

The battery is the cornerstone of the controller. Controller failure is often due to overcharging, over-discharging, and excessive current which cause irreversible damage to the battery. The same applies to the Switch. To address this, the Mobapad A1 nintendo switch charging dock features a dedicated power management IC for charging, with the following characteristics:

  • During charging, the input current and voltage are kept constant at 5V/1A, providing 5W low-power trickle charging to prevent fluctuations that could affect battery life.
  • Once fully charged, the power management IC performs temperature checks 10 times per second. If the temperature exceeds the preset limit or a short circuit occurs, the power supply is automatically cut off within 0.1 seconds, ensuring no overcharging and reducing internal battery pressure even with overnight charging.

"Unstable power supply/loose socket connection lead to short-circuit issues that burn out the machine" has always been a concern for many players. To alleviate these concerns and ensure safe charging, Mobapad A1 nintendo switch dock station features:

  • Original nintendo switch dock TYPE-C Power Port, provides up to 18W of fast and stable charging power for the Switch, with comprehensive protection measures including overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, overcharging, short-circuit, and reverse-connection safeguards to ensure battery safety.
  • Original nintendo switch dock Retractable Stand, the retractable stand at the bottom securely supports the console, ensuring stability during charging. This prevents the Switch from wobbling or tilting, thereby avoiding short circuits and potential damage to the charging port.

Supports Screen Projection, Also Serves as a Desktop Accessory

The Mobapad A1 nintendo switch docking station is equipped with the following expansion ports:

  • PD3.0 Charging Port: Supports fast charging protocols up to "100W" and is compatible with most PD 3.0 protocol charging power sources.
  • USB3.0 Port: Offers a maximum transfer rate of 5Gbps, providing faster data transfer speeds and larger bandwidth for quicker data transmission.
  • HDMI Port: Supports resolutions up to 4K/30Hz (Nintendo Switch supports only 1080p/60Hz, while some computers or devices support 4K/30Hz transmission).

Moving all ports to the back of the dock allows for better cable management on the desk, avoiding tangling. With integrated storage for both the nintendo switch controller and the nintendo switch, the Mobapad A1 nintendo switch dock station keeps the desktop tidy and clean,


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