Exclusive Insights into Nintendo Switch 2: What to Expect !

We, like everyone else, are eagerly anticipating accurate information about the Switch 2!

In the process of developing the next-generation console controller, Mobapad has also acquired a lot of firsthand information about the Switch 2, and now we're here to share it with everyone.


  1. The Switch 2 will continue to support existing Joy-Cons and the Pro Controller, still equipped with ALPS dual-axis linear motors for HD rumble.
  2. The cartridge slot of the Switch 2 will support backward compatibility with physical Switch game cartridges, ensuring compatibility with players' existing game libraries, including digital versions. However, the second-generation cartridges may not be compatible with the first-generation console.
  3. The new version of Joy-Con has a larger volume, and the sliding rail structure has been changed to magnetic suction. The SL and SR buttons are metal buttons. Magnetic suction is achieved through electromagnetic suction technology, controlled by electric current. It's worth noting that, in addition to the L, ZL, R, and ZR buttons on the sides of the Joy-Con controller, a third button has been added on both the left and right sides.

Additionally, below the HOME button on the right Joy-Con, there is an additional function button!

  1. The bottom of the Switch 2 will still feature a USB-C port for docking, and the new generation dock will undergo minor changes in appearance while enhancing performance, supporting 4K resolution.
  2. The new dock will feature a damping bracket on the back, allowing for a greater range of adjustable angles.
  3. The screen will be upgraded to an 8-inch display, supporting 1080P resolution.

These are just some of the hardware information we've got, and not the full extent.

From a hardware perspective, the Switch 2 inherits the dual-mode feature of its predecessor, continuing Nintendo's conservative approach to hardware.


Reflecting on Nintendo's history, from the original FC to the groundbreaking GB series, followed by the NDS, 3DS series, and the Wii, Wii U, and finally the Switch, the company has always adhered to the concept of creating unique entertainment experiences.


We have every reason to believe that Nintendo will bring more innovative gameplay to the Switch 2, as seen in the advancements in the controller design.


For example, what functions will the third button on the side of the controller serve? What special features will the additional button below the HOME button offer? There is much room for imagination, and while we don't know yet, there are certainly new features and gameplay innovations to anticipate!


We welcome everyone to join us in speculating and discussing.


Mobapad is actively developing next-generation console peripherals, aiming to provide customer with better product experiences as soon as possible, while continuing to support product upgrade services.


We remain committed to solving customer problems, maintaining a drive for continuous innovation, and providing users with better products and services!

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