Mobapad M6 HD
Mobapad M6 HD
Mobapad M6 HD
Mobapad M6 HD
Mobapad M6 HD
Mobapad M6 HD
Mobapad M6 HD
Mobapad M6 HD
Mobapad M6 HD
Mobapad M6 HD
Mobapad M6 HD
Mobapad M6 HD
Mobapad M6 HD
Mobapad M6 HD H2
Mobapad M6 HD

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Mobapad M6 HD Joycons Nintendo Switch Controller Pro Adjustable Joystick Hall Effect Controller Hd Vibration/6-Axis Gyro Joy Pad Bluetooth Controller


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Product Description

Introducing the Mobapad M6 HD Gaming Controller, engineered with cutting-edge features to enhance your gaming experience like never before.

Ultra-Responsive Mechanical Keys:
Experience a new level of responsiveness with the Mobapad M6 HD's Omron microswitches combined with liquid silicone gel. With a lifespan of up to 10 million presses, these keys offer unparalleled durability and a light-touch design for effortless gaming sessions.

High-Definition Vibration Feedback:
Powered by ALPS dual-axis linear motors, the M6 HD delivers high-definition vibration feedback, immersing you deeper into the gaming world with precise and realistic sensations.

Six-Axis Motion Sensing and NFC Support:
Explore new gaming dimensions with the M6 HD's six-axis motion sensing technology, allowing for intuitive and immersive gameplay. Plus, NFC support enhances in-game interactions for added excitement.

Customizable Controls:
Tailor your gaming experience with customizable controls. The Mobapad app allows for macro programming and button mapping, ensuring that every move is perfectly suited to your preferences and playstyle.

Versatile Connectivity Options:
Enjoy the flexibility of wired or Bluetooth connections with the M6 HD. Additionally, the controller can be detached into separate parts for even greater versatility in gaming setups.

Replaceable Directional Discs and Omron Microswitches:
Equipped with replaceable directional discs and Omron microswitches, the M6 HD offers precise control and customization options, meeting the demands of professional gamers.

The Mobapad M6 HD Gaming Controller is not just a controller; it's a game-changer. Elevate your gaming experience with unmatched responsiveness, precision, and versatility. Get ready to conquer new realms and dominate the competition like never before.

Customer Reviews

Based on 306 reviews
Absolutely the best Joycon replacements!!!

I was hesitant even after checking out a bunch of YouTube reviews. And I was able to order a set for $75 free shipping. I can confirm these are the best joy-con replacements on the market. high quality and everything feels amazing and works exactly the way it should. The only complaint is the d-pad is not accurate enough for fighting games. All the buttons are mechanical mouse switches which feel great. I just hope they will eventually release a version that's all rubber membrane instead. I prefer the feel and it's way more silent. Also I like that you can pop the thumb caps off. I'll remove the thumb cap off the right pad so my thumb doesn't keep hitting it during certain games that doesn't require it. yeah these are absolutely the joycons we deserved from the beginning. I hope future colors are released (black and clear blue) along with rubber membrane versions!!!

Romain Navarre

This mobapad m6 hd is amazing
I can’t play without
Thank you for this
I convince my friends to buy some too because they are so good

Samuel Ledesma
Joycon Replacement Done Right

They are probably the best replacements for the joycons. It makes handheld mode tolerable. Before, I usually just used the kickstand and a pro controller. Now, I use handheld mode more often. I wish it came with a bridge like Nyxi for more versatility and offered a case to hold the switch with the controllers attached. Overall, 10/10 best Controller.

Daniel Davis
I’m now able to play my switch handheld since launch

I’ve had my switch since launch and it’s only been in the dock because of how uncomfortable it was everytime I would use it to play in handheld mode. I’ve tried many times and no matter what I went back to a controller. No exaggeration here. I have not docked my switch a single time I’ve started using this unless I’m charging. It’s honestly amazing, I didn’t even remember I installed a screen protector on my switch until recently. I’ve had the controllers for about two weeks now and they are 10/10 joysticks are full movement! Hall effect so no need to worry about drifting, dpad is precise, I can play Celeste and cuphead without struggling like how i used too. Buttons have no delay and for hack and slash games they are amazing. I wish they were in a black color is my only complaint, but with thumb grip covers the sticks are even more comfortable. I can’t recommend this enough to anyone that owns a switch, you owe it to yourself to enjoy handheld gaming again.

Nathan Grigar
Love these things.

I have large man hands. Playing on my oled after a few minutes used to cramp my hands something terrible. These fixed that problem! I love the feel of them and they are perfect for my big hands. Only complaint I have is I wish they had black or dark grey version. Other than that they are perfect in every way. I love these Joy Cons. I wish I had found them sooner.