The MagicPad TwinStar 2nd Gen(Mobapad M6S/M6 HD): A Superior Choice Over JoyCon! 🌟🎮

Ever been frustrated with the standard JoyCon controllers, especially dealing with joystick drift issues? I've found a game-changer – the MagicPad TwinStar 2nd Gen(Mobapad M6S/M6 HD). It's a standout alternative, offering enhanced features and addressing common concerns. Wondering how it surpasses JoyCon? Dive into my hands-on experience and explore the differences between the M6S version and M6 HD flagship version.

✨ Advantages Over JoyCon:

Better Grip:
TwinStar 2nd Gen (Mobapad M6S/M6 HD) provides a fuller grip, offering a more substantial and ergonomic feel compared to the relatively slim JoyCon.

Improved Joystick Experience:
TwinStar 2nd Gen (Mobapad M6S/M6 HD) boasts a robust joystick design, using Hall-effect sensors, eliminating joystick drift concerns and ensuring durability.

Enhanced Button Experience:
Mechanical buttons on TwinStar 2nd Gen (Mobapad M6S/M6 HD) outclass JoyCon in terms of size, responsiveness, and overall tactile feedback.

Macro Programming/Repeat Fire:
Unlike JoyCon, TwinStar 2nd Gen (Mobapad M6S/M6 HD) supports macro programming and repeat fire, offering extra convenience for complex gaming actions.

Customizable Components:
TwinStar 2nd Gen (Mobapad M6S/M6 HD) allows for faceplate, D-pad, and joystick component replacements, providing a level of customization not found in JoyCon.

Tighter Installation:
The TwinStar 2nd Gen  (Mobapad M6S/M6 HD) ensures a snug fit upon installation, addressing the common issue of loosening after frequent plug-ins compared to JoyCon.

✨ Differences Between M6S Version and M6 HD Flagship Version:


M6S Version: Rotary motor; Key life of about 5 million presses.
M6 HD Flagship Version: ALPS HD linear motor; Key life of about 10 million presses.
Color Options:
M6S Version: Currently available in blue-purple.
M6 HD Flagship Version: Currently available in white.
Battery Life:
M6S Version: Approximately 17 hours.
M6 HD Flagship Version: Approximately 15 hours.

Discover a gaming revolution with the MagicPad TwinStar 2nd Gen (Mobapad M6S/M6 HD) – it's more than just a controller; it's a game-changer! 🚀🎮

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I got a pair recently, and I’m blown away. For real. I’ve been waiting on joycon like this all generation long. They’re PERFECT! No cut corners or missing features or the all so annoying “regular dated rumble”, it’d got it all. The Rear mappable buttons, mechanical omron switches, incredibly good d-pad with rocker to swap with, good battery life and ergonomics, HALL Effect analogs and gyro that’s just as good as official joycon… it’s a dream come true. Seriously. I never wanna use another joycon again.

Even bought a 2nd pair to use as a Pro Controller (I disassembled the official Nintendo charge grip to get just the middle slab), and I ordered a pair of the Mobapad M6 S to get colored faceplates and d-pad to swap with. Even ordered the M9 HD, Chitu HD and Huben to get various colored and sized analog sticks to swap with.

I swapped the left joycon analog with the wider, grey right analog from M9 HD pro controller, so that both bow have a wider grey analog on the left for movement, and the smaller, grippier white analog on the right for aiming. Hope to see colored analogs and faceplates sold soon.

Jaxon Holden – 03/08/2024

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